Crafting a Marketing Message That Resonates with Your Audience

Three strategies to transform your marketing message and ignite your brand.

Are the words you use in your marketing message clear to potential customers? It’s crucial that they are because what you say is what others will say about your brand. If you want to stop paying top dollar for leads and build a brand that will effortlessly attract new business, consider these three steps: 

1. Develop a tagline that clearly communicates the problem you solve. A great tagline brings your brand to mind, conveys a key benefit, and evokes the desired feelings. Here are some examples: “You can do it. We can help” by Home Depot, “You’re in good hands” by Allstate, “Finger lickin’ good” by Kentucky Fried Chicken, and my personal favorite, “Effortlessly attract new business” by Raxa.

“What you say is what others will say about your brand.”

2. Discuss the problem your brand helps customers solve and present it as a story. Without a clearly defined problem, your brand lacks relevance, and customers may turn to competitors.

3. Talk about the results customers will experience by engaging with your brand. If you fail to explain how your product or service will benefit them, they will lose interest. Highlight the outcomes they can expect or the problems they can avoid by choosing your company.

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