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Access a full-service team of creative support specialists and get all your marketing tasks completed for a fixed monthly fee.

Marketing Support Agency

Is The Lack of Marketing Support
Holding Your Business Back?

Is The Lack of Marketing Support
Holding Your Business Back?

Executing tasks like writing content, designing graphics, editing videos, and advertising on search engines and social media can be overwhelming.

Has Marketing
Your Business Become
More Challenging?

Do You Find It Difficult To
Produce Quality Images and
Video Content?
Does Digital Marketing
And Advertising Give
You A Headache?

Struggling To Support Your Sales Team With Marketing Material?

Focus On What You Do Best
And We'll Handle The Rest

From graphic design to video editing and everything in between, rely on a team of creative support specialists to execute your marketing plan while you focus on what you do best.

Dependable Support

Experience the convenience and trust of a dedicated creative team, consistently delivering your marketing and advertising.

Specialized Expertise

Fuel your business growth by relying on the experience and knowledge of highly sought-after marketing experts.

Streamlined Communication

Communicate directly with your account manager via a user-friendly portal.

Unforgettable Creative

Utilize creative storytelling and captivating visuals to make your brand stand out amongst the competition.

Fast Turnarounds

Achieve your marketing projects quickly and hassle-free with 48 – 72hr turnarounds.


Delegate all of your marketing tasks without the full-time employee expenses.

Choose a plan
that's right for your business.

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Launch Support

This ongoing support plan is for small businesses seeking to establish a cohesive online and offline presence that attracts new customers. It provides unlimited creative marketing support with one active support task at a time for graphic design, copywriting, web development, and print media. 

Your Plan

$1,750 / mo.

1 Active Support Task At A Time
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Launch Support

1 Active Support Task At A Time

Elevate Support

This ongoing support plan is for small businesses with an established brand and marketing strategy seeking additional marketing manpower to elevate their marketing efforts. The plan provides unlimited creative support, including two active tasks at a time across graphic design, copywriting, website updates, video editing, print media, motion graphics, and access to a voice-over artist.

Your Plan

$2,500 / mo.

2 Active Support Tasks At A Time

Elevate Support

2 Active Support Tasks At A Time

Dominate Support

This ongoing support plan is designed for small businesses that want to go to the next level with video marketing and digital advertising. It provides unlimited creative marketing support with three active support tasks at a time for graphic design, copywriting, website updates, video editing, and print media. The plan features high-quality video production and quarterly marketing plans to effectively position your business in the market and dominate competitors.

Your Plan

$5,000 / mo.

3 Active Support Tasks At A Time

Dominate Support

3 Active Support Tasks At A Time

Brian Waraksa
Brand Manager

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Got questions? Great, I’ve got answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know a little more about RAXA and our creative marketing support services.

Got questions?

Once you sign up, you’re instantly given access to your creative support team and can begin delegating tasks. We’ll ask you to provide information about your business and schedule an onboarding call with your brand manager. During your onboarding call, we’ll demonstrate how to use our system, learn more about your business, and discuss the best ways we can support your business and take work off your to-do list.
We have a process in place to review job requests before starting work. This helps ensure the brief contains sufficient details to meet your expectations. Depending on the time of day that the job is requested, we may not review it until the next business day. Additionally, if the brief lacks necessary information, we may need to ask questions, potentially causing a slight delay. That being said, we typically aim to initiate the task on the same business day.

A support task is any single task or activity requested by you from your creative support team. Active support tasks are the projects your team is currently working on to fulfill your support request.

Our dedicated support subscriptions allow you to submit as many request and revisions as you need, with no limit on the number of tasks your dedicated support can complete for you. Once you submit a request, your Brand Manager will work through your requests one at a time in the order they receive them. If you need to change your priorities, just ask your Brand Manager to pause what they’re working on and prioritize the work that you need completed first. You have complete control of your workflow.

Sure, a monthly strategy call is provided with each of our ongoing support plans. During this call we will collaborate to create a list of tasks to achieve your marketing goals. 

No worries. We streamline the process of working with a remote team. Each account is assigned a dedicated project manager whose primary responsibility is to provide project updates and keep your projects moving forward. You’ll never feel disconnected or uninformed about the progress of your marketing projects. Working with RAXA is similar to having a marketing department within your office.
No need to worry; we excel at collaborating with others. Our approach is focused on providing the creative marketing support you may be missing. We function as a flexible addition to your team, adapting to whatever capacity you believe is best for your business.

Yes, we offer a wide range of offset and digital printing services, including inkjet and laser, large format, screen printing, and dye sublimation. Whether you need help finding the right promotional item, some company swag such as tee shirts and hats, a new display for a trade show, or a brochure for an important business meeting, we can help you find the best printing solution for your business goals.

Absolutely! We have been providing website design in Houston, TX, for almost two decades. Whether you need website updates, programming, or WordPress hosting, simply log in to your project dashboard and request the website support you need.

Whether you have a clear vision and know exactly what you want or just have an example to show us, your designer can bring your idea to life. We offer a full range of graphic design services, including common requests, such as logo design, website design, and social media posts. Check out our comprehensive list of common graphic design requests.

Yes, we believe in the power of human connection and understand that sometimes you just need to pick up the phone or share a screen to communicate your vision. Voice/video calls are available with your account manager by appointment. You can book a call at anytime.

You do! Any PDFs, code, designs, copy, ad creative, logos etc.—it’s all done for you and owned by you. Links to files and deliverables are conveniently listed under the “My Projects” in your RAXA web account.
No, there aren’t any long-term commitments. Instead, we work to deliver results that earn your business. All subscription services are provided month to month. Cancel any time – no questions asked.

Great question!

RAXA is a different kind of agency.

While we offer the same services as other creative marketing agencies, we recognize that the traditional agency model is broken.

Traditional agencies excel in managing projects with extended timelines, but break down on smaller projects where the timeline is measured in days instead of months.

Modern marketing campaigns are built on small projects with many deliverables that require getting the information together for the project, coordinating the team, and efficiently producing the deliverables quickly.

We built RAXA to be a virtual extension of your marketing team, capable of handling small creative projects with tight deadlines without the hassle of searching for a freelancer or hiring employees. We make delegating your marketing and advertising easier.

Want to learn more about how we are different? Schedule A Discovery Call with one of our Brand Managers.

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Fill out the form below to request more information and schedule a FREE 1-on-1 consultation with one of our Brand Managers to start the conversation.
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