• Your New Year's Branding Checklist

    The end of the year is finally here, and yes, I’ve been saying and repeating how important it is for you to prepare your brand for the New Year. I hope you’ve taken some of the advice, but I have created a New Year’s Branding Checklist for you just in case you haven’t.

  • A List of Popular Branding Resolutions (and how you can achieve them)

    We’re halfway through the last month of the year. If you’re at all similar to me, you may be looking forward to the fresh start feeling that a New Year provides, but with that, I’d like to take the time to list out typical Branding Resolutions and how you can accomplish them.

  • 3 Tips to Solidify Your Branding Resolutions Today

    It’s December folks! We’ve been talking about this time for the better part of the past three months, and we’re here now. So, the lingering question…Have you prepared your brand for the New Year?Of course, the goal is to increase your brand awareness and build up your brand, but if you haven’t found the time to get around to setting those benchmarks yet, I have three tips to help you solidify your branding resolutions today.Take the right branding steps.The key to readying your brand for 2014 is...

  • How Being Thankful Can Benefit Your Business

    Thanksgiving is next week! The turkey dinners, family and friends, and what we’re thankful for – That’s what it’s all about. But I bet you didn’t know that research has actually shown that being thankful is GOOD for you.

  • Your Business During the Holidays

    Thanksgiving is two weeks away! With that, most businesses often experience a post-Thanksgiving slump in business. This is partly due to Christmas rapidly approaching, but precautions CAN be taken to prevent your business from suffering too badly during the holiday season.

  • Three Ways to Prepare Your Business for the New Year

    Welcome to the holiday season! Are you ready to make that final push as we move toward the end of 2013? I know turkey shopping is on your mind, but don’t let up on your business and future plans for your brand.

  • Stop Dreaming and Start Branding Your Business

    Happy Halloween! During this month, we solved the Branding Boo’s for your company’s website and marketing campaigns, but today, let’s take a closer look at the “Brand of Dreams” many business owners live in.So…you’re a business owner, and you don’t know the meaning of clock-in, clock-out. Every day is full of potential with thoughts of your future success clear in your mind.

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