Should You Hire A
Dedicated Graphic Designer?

There is no doubt that creative and eye-catching graphics can separate a business from its competitors. From the logo and website to social posts and everything in between, hiring a dedicated graphic designer can help keep brands visible and relevant in a competitive market. This article gives a few reasons why hiring a graphic designer is essential in today’s business environment.


Good Design Matters.
Good Design Means Good Business.

When potential customers engage with a brand through various channels, such as visiting the company website, seeing an ad on social media, or attending a trade show, they are forming their impression of that brand. The visual presentation of a business serves as the gateway to the thoughts and feelings consumers have about products or services. Ninety-three percent of consumers consider visual appearance to be a key deciding factor in whether or not they make a purchase.

In today’s competitive market, whether just starting out or changing things up, good design matters. Stock images, do-it-yourself designs, and boring layouts won’t cut it. Hiring a dedicated graphic designer ensures a professional image across all media channels and customer touch points.


Consistency Creates Clarity.
Clarity Creates New Business.

Maintaining a consistent visual identity across all company communications is essential in establishing a top performing brand in today’s business environment. Consistency is more than just using the same fonts and color palettes, it’s about the message a brand conveys to its audience.

A dedicated graphic designer understands the importance of consistency and can create a brand style guide that reflects the company’s values and visual elements associated with the brand. As consumers become more familiar with the branding elements over time, they are more likely to recognize the brand across different marketing channels and decide to take action.


Fresh Graphics
Without The Hassle.

Hiring a dedicated graphic designer means that business owners get all the benefits of an in-house designer, but without the hassle of posting projects for a quote or conducting interviews with freelancers.

With today’s advanced technology, it is possible to work with graphic designers from all over the world. In just a few clicks business owners can post projects for a quote, create a design contest, purchase a design gig, or hire a freelancer. While a freelancer or budget-friendly graphic design service may be a suitable option in the short-term, they may not be able to meet the demand as a business grows. Hiring a dedicated graphic designer makes it easy to get graphic design projects done quickly as the business grows.

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Got questions?
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