Why Your Business Needs a Custom Facebook Page

At last check, Facebook had about 500 million users. And people who are active Facebook users spend about an hour a day on the site. In fact, Facebook is the second most visited site on the web.

But by now, you already know all of this. You know that your business needs to be active on Facebook, and you may have already created a profile for your company. But the truth is just having a Facebook page isn’t enough. You need a page that’s truly special…one that is customized to reflect your band’s image…one that gives people a reason to visit it and share its content with their friends.

Savvy businesses have begun to understand the power of custom Facebook pages. From Michelin to Lucky Brand, companies of all sizes, from all industries are beginning to create strong, engaging profiles on Facebook.

But when it comes to really using Facebook creatively and effectively, perhaps no other company does a better job than Walmart. On Walmart’s Facebook page, the company offers Groupon-like deals to get crowds involved. For example, they are currently running a CrowdSaver deal where users can get 3 video games for $39. The catch is that 2,000 people have to “like” the deal for the offer to go active.

This works because it gets people involved and gives them an incentive for sharing Walmart’s content with their Facebook friends. And it’s all because Walmart has a custom Facebook page rather than a generic, lifeless profile.

Tips for Building Your Own Facebook Page

Thinking about customizing your own Facebook page for your business? Here are some simple tips to help you out.

  • Don’t go overboard with the apps—It can be tempting to load your Facebook page up with a bunch of different apps, but there is a real danger of overloading your page and overwhelming your visitors. Keep your apps in separate tabs, and make sure each one serves a useful function.
  • Display different pages for fans and non-fans—Facebook gives you the ability to display different landing pages for fans and non-fans. This lets you create a page that encourages non-fans to become a fan as well as pages for engaging current fans to take another action.
  • Focus on generating participation—The power of social media marketing lies in its ability to spread content far and wide through the participation of users. Your Facebook page should get users involved. It should have content they care about, and it should give them an incentive to share that content with their friends.

Does your business have a custom Facebook page?

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