What's Pinterest All About?


You've undoubtedly heard of the site that is being hailed as "the next big thing." However, you may still be unclear as to what exactly it's all about. Additionally, you're probably wondering if it's something that can actually help your business.

Pinterest 101

Pinterest is an image sharing site. Its name comes from the fact that users can pin images to boards. Because users can create multiple boards, it is common for people to build boards around specific topics. For example, a Pinterest user may have one board for shoes, one for pictures of Ryan Gosling and one for wedding ideas. And whenever someone pins an item to one of their boards, they can also add a written description to it.

In addition to pinning and writing descriptions, Pinterest has several features that we've all come to expect from social websites. Members can follow other users or simply follow individual boards. Members can also tag other users when they pin something. And if someone comes across an image that appeals to them but they don't want to actually pin it, they can simply Like it.

So, What's the Big Deal?

Now that you have a better understanding of how the site works, you may be asking yourself "so what?" While this is a common reaction of people who aren't users of the site, it's important to remember that social websites don't have to be life-changing to be extremely popular. What Pinterest has done is create an environment and experience that is especially appealing to multiple female demographics.

Even if you aren't convinced that Pinterest is the greatest thing since sliced bread, keep in mind that in just two years since being launched, it has become a Top 100 Alexa site. And just as importantly, Shareaholic reports that "Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined."

Can Your Business Benefit from Pinterest?

Since that referral statistic is downright stunning, the big question is if you can harness any of that traffic for your own site. The good news is the answer to that question is definitely yes. There are two main keys to establishing an effective presence on Pinterest. The first is to remember that this site is all about images. As a result, you want to focus on images that are going to grab people's attention.

Keep in mind that images aren't limited to photos. Options like infographics or striking charts can be just as effective. The second key to effectively utilizing Pinterest is to focus on creating and providing value. As with any social website, you can't expect to slap up a few images and attract a flood of traffic. Instead, you should focus on creating boards that are so good that people seek them out. Additionally, you should invest some time in becoming part of the community. That includes following others and commenting on their pins that you find interesting.

Have you spent any time exploring Pinterest?

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