Use Email to Get More Out of Your Online Marketing in 2012

More business owners are realizing just how much they can gain by creating a strong online presence for their business. However, email is one area that many business owners in both the new and experienced with online marketing categories still overlook. One of the reasons that many don't emphasize this aspect of online marketing is because they think it's a dated practice. While email marketing may not be a topic that the tech press is buzzing about, it's still extremely effective. In fact, since spam filters have eliminated a significant amount of unwanted commercial email, targeted emails may be even more effective than they were a few years ago.

Why You Need to Care About Email Marketing

One of the reasons you need to focus on email marketing in 2012 is because it allows you to develop a direct relationship with potential and current customers. For potential customers, the relationship you develop may give them enough trust so that they feel comfortable placing an order with you online.

Another reason you should care about this topic is because it will allow you to do more with the traffic you receive. Instead of losing every visitor who doesn't make a purchase when they land on your website, you can convert them into a lead by collecting an email address from them.

How to Start Building an Email List

If you've decided to make email marketing a priority for 2012, the first step is to start building your email list. In order to do this, you want visitors to submit their email address through your website.

One of the most common mistakes people make when they add a signup form to their website is including too many fields in it. In many cases, all you need is one field for a visitor to enter their email address. In some cases, you may also want another field for them to enter their name. However, two fields is generally going to be the most you're going to need.

Another mistake that's quite common is not placing forms in a visible enough location. If your signup form is buried in the bottom corner of your site, it's not going to be nearly as effective as if it was prominently featured near the top. In addition to putting it in a location where visitors are actually going to see it, make sure that you add a compelling call to action.

The reason you give visitors for signing up will depend on your business. Some websites literally give away a report or other freebie in exchange for signups. While this can work very well, it's not always required. Other websites do quite well by simply informing visitors that signing up for the site's email list will give them access to exclusive deals and special offers. You may want to experiment with several different options to see which one works best for your specific signup form.

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