5 Symptoms of Bad Marketing

Bad, ineffective marketing is all around us. I see the results of it on a daily basis. It’s the reason people end up contacting me. They’ve tried other marketing tactics in the past, and they just haven’t seen any results. So, it’s my job to step in and identify the problems with their marketing and create solutions to get the results they desire.

Are you suffering because of bad marketing? Here are 5 common symptoms to watch for.

  1. Your target audience doesn’t know much about you. I like to think of marketing as a tool to educate your target audience. An effective marketing campaign teaches your target audience who your company is, what you offer, and what makes you different from the competition. It educates and inspires.
  2. You lose customers because of price. I’ve talked at length about the problems with marketing to price shoppers. If you’re losing customers only because of price, that’s a clear sign that your marketing isn’t communicating the value and quality of your offerings. It’s also a sign that you’re going after the wrong type of customer.
  3. You’re not getting anymore quality leads. This is pretty simple. If the leads have stopped flowing in (or maybe they never came in at all), your marketing isn’t working. Period. Good marketing will generate leads through your website, it will have your phone ringing, and it will ultimately help you get more sales. The proof is in the pudding. No leads or sales? Bad marketing is likely the cause.
  4. You have a major problem with customer retention. A lot of people think marketing is all about attracting new customers. That’s wrong. Sure, good marketing will bring in more people, but it will also help you keep the customers that you already have. A sound marketing strategy will have elements focused on improving your customer retention.
  5. Your campaign is just a ripoff of your competition. Too many companies are afraid to stand out. They simply want to play it safe and do what everyone else is doing, but guess what, that’s not playing it safe at all. Instead of modeling your campaign after what everyone else is doing, you should be looking to find ways that you can do things differently so you will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What are some other symptoms of bad marketing?

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Brian Waraksa, founder of Raxa Design in Houston, Texas has been in marketing and small business branding since 2002. He writes the Raxa Design blog on issues affecting small business marketing and corporate brands.

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