Stop Dreaming and Start Branding Your Business

Happy Halloween! During this month, we solved the Branding Boo’s for your company’s website and marketing campaigns, but today, let’s take a closer look at the “Brand of Dreams” many business owners live in.

So…you’re a business owner, and you don’t know the meaning of clock-in, clock-out. Every day is full of potential with thoughts of your future success clear in your mind. You KNOW that if you could just make that ONE sale, kick-start that ONE campaign, or get everything organized, that you could be successful, make it big, or as I like to say, “Make a difference.”

But right now, it’s just a fantasy…something to long for, to strive toward. You live out these dreams in your head but lack the discipline and proper procedures or systems to get there. You fling all your ideas at a wall and hope that SOMETHING will stick.

So many businesses come to Raxa for emergency projects. “WE NEED THIS NOW!” They plead after recently becoming aware of a tradeshow or expo rapidly approaching. It doesn’t matter that they knew nothing of this yesterday; their entire business DEPENDS upon it today. Yet I always ask: How did they not know they would need this sooner? How do they expect a creative, successful ad campaign or marketing collateral in only a few days? Will this tradeshow or expo really make that much of a difference? If not, then why are they so stressed about it?

In relation to the Branding Boo’s, maybe you are procrastinating on your plans for the New Year. Perhaps it’s because you’ve created what we call a, “Brand of Dreams.” If you build it, they will come. If you market it, sales will come. If you believe it, change will come.

But, in all honesty, people most likely won’t recognize you; people truthfully won’t even care about you or your business. They care about their problems being solved; they care about results. They don’t care about your Brand of Dreams.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your brand. There is no secret color scheme, logo design, or social media campaign that will rocket you to the top of everyone’s mind. Brands are built over time with many encounters and experiences must occurring before your brand is properly established.

Yet numerous business owners consistently tell me their business and marketing plans are clear in their minds. What’s the problem there? They know what they want, and they know they can do it. But they haven’t actually done it yet; they’ve only thought about it while struggling to grow their business year after year.

No wonder these businesses are struggling to effectively grow. They’re living out a fantasy, focusing on the Brand of Dreams within THEIR mind when it should be living within the minds of their customers.

Take a step back from this example and realize that while you know what kind of difference you can make, nobody else does. This makes your first job to change their minds, make them think like you do, and take your brand from YOUR mind to THEIRS. Give them an experience they won’t forget. Give them something they’ll want to come back to. Make them WANT to tell others about YOU.

The only thing keeping you from reaching your goals is yourself, so what are you waiting for? Start today! Do one thing at a time the right way instead of everything the wrong way. Success and growth will come over time, so stop trying to be ALL things to ALL people. Pick a target market and build that up until you can expand beyond that market segment. Create a plan that you’ll actually complete instead of dreaming about a future where everything is already done. Let your CUSTOMERS live in your Brand of Dreams; you’ve had enough time there.

So right now, you’re thinking, “If I build it, they will come. If I market it, sales will come. If I believe it, change will come. If I just dream…”

But today, I want you to change this train of thought, because, “If you do it, success will come.”

About The Author

Brian Waraksa

Brian Waraksa, founder of Raxa Design in Houston, Texas, has been in marketing and small business branding since 2002. He writes the Raxa Design blog to inform small businesses and corporations on effective branding.

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