SIX Completely Free Ways to Promote Your Business

We hear it all the time: nothing in life is free…there’s no such thing as a free ride…free doesn’t come cheap. Well, that may be true in some cases, but when it comes to advertising on the Web, there are SIX completely free ways to promote your business online without having to spend a thing. That’s right, you read correctly. There are six free ways to get your business into the hands of your customers, all at the click of a mouse. From showing up more often in web site searches to literally putting your name on the map, the following six advertising directories will put you head and shoulders above your competition, making you easily accessible and readily available to all of your future customers who have been waiting to find you.

Google Maps

Everyone uses Google Maps these days, whether it be from a PC or an iPhone, so what better way to advertise than to have your business show up in a Google Maps search? You only need four things to get started:

• A short description of your business

• Your telephone number, business address and any other contact info you want to advertise

• Your company logo

• A coupon or special offer you want to advertise


Yahoo’s local listings are a great way to promote your business in Yahoo!local’s search engine. A free listing can include all of the following:

• Address, phone number and fax number

• Web site and email

• Business category

• Store hours

• Accepted payment methods

• Products and services you offer

Another search engine to take advantage of is Like Yahoo!local, you can tailor your listing to include information pertinent to your current and future customers. specializes in bringing your business together with an audience of local consumers in your area. Your local business must possess a physical location or provide on-site services in or near one of the local yellow pages coverage areas.

People love to know what other customers think about a particular business or service, and that’s why Insider Pages has been so successful. You can capitalize on that success by adding and updating your business profile to their directory. By adding more information to your business profile, search engines will find you faster, and at Insider Pages, you can also post responses to your customers’ reviews and thus manage your online reputation.

Like Insider Pages, connects customers with local businesses through reviews where customers share their experiences. Claiming your business on Yelp allows you to track how many customers view your business, update your business profile, and utilize private customer messaging. You can also enhance your page on Yelp with a slide-show, a personalized message, or a featured favorite review.

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