Signs You Need a New Logo

The logo is the face of your company. A lot of times, it’s the one thing that people associate most with your brand. It’s the visual cue that they remember. So clearly, it’s important that you get it right. Your logo needs to be memorable, and it needs to capture the identity you’re trying to portray with your brand. It should look updated, and it should be in a style that appeals to your target audience. Of course, times are always changing, and what was a good logo several years ago may not be the right logo for your company today. So, how can you tell if it’s time to let a Houston logo design company give your logo a makeover?

  1. Your old logo is difficult to read—People shouldn’t have to struggle to decipher your logo. They should be able to see it and know what it represents. If your logo has text in it, the text should be very clean and simple to read. Don’t get caught up in trying to use the coolest fonts or the most unique design. When it comes to logo design, less is usually more.
  2. Your old logo just looks outdated—Even the world’s biggest brands update their logos on a regular basis because the old ones just start to look outdated. Consider Pepsi. They’ve gone through a handful of different logo designs to keep their look fresh and relevant. The key is to evolve your logo in a logical manner. Unless you’re completely changing directions with your brand, you probably want to keep many of the familiar elements of your old logo with just a slight update. It’s like getting a facelift. The best Houston web design/logo design companies understand how to update the look of your logo without losing your core identity.
  3. Your old logo doesn’t mesh with your brand—Companies change over time. Some companies just slightly shift their focus over time and reach out to new markets, while others completely change who they are. And in other cases, companies may merge with another company and start a whole new brand. Take a look at your logo. Does it still capture the message of your brand? Does it still feel like you?
It’s important to remember that your logo might not necessarily need to be changed. Just because it’s been a few years, doesn’t automatically mean you need a new logo. Simply jumping on every new design trend could actually confuse your customers and hurt your brand. Your best bet is to speak with a trustworthy Houston graphic design company to get their thoughts on your logo. An honest designer can take a look at your logo and make suggestions for improving your brand.

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