7 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Ranking Well in the Search Engines

If you want to run a successful business online, ranking well in the search engines is essential. More customers than ever before are using the search engines to guide their buying decisions, and it’s important that your website pops up when customers are looking for your products and services.

Here are some of the most common reasons websites do poorly in the search engines.

  • You haven’t given it time to start ranking. The best Houston web design and SEO firm in the world won’t be able to make your website grab top rankings overnight. It takes time. That’s all there is to it. So, don’t panic when you aren’t dominating the search results right away. Give it some time and look for steady increases as the weeks go by.
  • Your website is built in flash. If you Houston logo design company built your website in flash, well, you got ripped off. Flash websites just don’t rank well in the search engines. That’s the long and short of it. The search engines can’t read flash content effectively, so they don’t know how to classify and rank your website.
  • Your content isn’t optimized. Your content should include the keywords you’re targeting. Each page should be tailored around one or two quality long tail phrases. If you don’t have the keywords in your content, the search engines will struggle to know what your website is about. One word of caution, however, don’t stuff your website so full of keywords that it looks weird.
  • You’re targeting really broad keywords. Let’s say you sell windows for homes in Houston. You don’t want to target the broad keyword “windows” because you have zero chance of ranking well for it. Instead, you want to use specific terms like “double paned windows” or “hurricane proof windows.” If your business is local, you’ll want to include city/area terms.
  • You aren’t building quality links back to your website. Ranking well requires more than a well optimized website. You also have to get links from other websites. Preferably, you want links with keyword-rich anchor text. The more quality links you have, the better.
  • Your website isn’t in compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google publishes a set of quality guidelines all webmasters and designers should follow. This ensures you have a good website that isn’t spammy and that isn’t trying to manipulate the search results. Spend some time brushing up on these.
  • You don’t have enough content. A website without content is one that won’t rank well. I’m not saying you need thousands and thousands of words on your website, but you do need some optimized copy.

  • If your website is having a hard time building a search engine presence, you should consider hiring a Houston graphic design firm that has experience with SEO. Having the professionals optimize your site will help increase your search engine visibility so you can get quality traffic and more conversions.

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