Re-Branding Sign #6 – Did I Just Get a Customer Complaint?

“You can make some people happy some of the time, but you can never make all people happy all of the time.”

We’ve come to the final sign that your company may need to Re-Brand, but first, have you heard the above quote before? Well, as much as we may not want it to, this quote applies to business as well. There is going to come a day where you will receive...a customer complaint.

But don’t throw up the white flag just yet! First off, consumers are much more likely to offer a negative review over a positive one, because they EXPECT good products and services. This sets the stage for the unhappy customers, who may not be a large quantity, yet they look large when no positive reviews exist. For this reason, actively asking for positive reviews from satisfied customers can be quite beneficial to your business. Remember, it’s all about reinforcing your brand in the eyes of the consumer.

Now, a legitimate customer complaint can actually be beneficial to your brand if you take the right steps. Think back to your earlier days in your career when mistakes were more common. Most likely, your boss or supervisor notified you of the error, and you subsequently corrected it. In essence, the mistake turned into a lesson to improve your future endeavors, and this same principal can applied to a customer complaint.

When a customer notifies you of an existing problem (issues a complaint), taking the proper steps to satisfy the customer and mend the problem can go a long way to retaining them in the future. It’s part of our nature to want to be satisfied, and when a company goes above and beyond our expectations to do so, we generally tend to think highly of them and tell our friends and family of the experience.

Remember, success is all about reinforcing your brand in the mind of the consumer. Their experience means everything to your business. It determines what they think of you, if they will tell their family and friends about you, and most importantly, whether they will continue to do business with you. Needless to say, receiving a valid customer complaint can be very impactful on your entire business depending on how you handle it.

So don’t look at a customer complaint as the end of the world. Rather, think of it as a way to improve your business. When you make your customers happy, you will also be happy. Your brand depends upon their experience, so be sure it’s a good one, even if they have a complaint.

This brings us to the end of our series on six signs you may need to Re-Brand! If you have any more questions concerning your brand, we’re always available to discuss it with you farther. Simply give us a call, shoot us an e-mail, play a round of golf with me...however you want to chat, we’re here.

We hope you learned a few things to improve your business and look forward to writing more about the effects of proper branding in the future. Even though this series is concluding, be sure to check back next week for more tips on branding and marketing. We’ll keep them coming if you keep reading.

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Brian Waraksa

Brian Waraksa, founder of Raxa Design in Houston, Texas, has been in marketing and small business branding since 2002. He writes the Raxa Design blog to inform small businesses and corporations on effective branding.

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