Re-Branding Sign #3 – My Employees Aren’t Properly Communicating My Brand!

Glad you’re back. But if you aren’t back, meaning you’ve missed signs 1 and 2 that you may need to Re-Brand, then you need to catch up with the Cover Your Logo Test and Need More Referrals posts. Don’t worry; we’ll still be here when you get back.

Okay, today we’re going to talk a bit about your brand internally. Many small-business owners get frustrated when, on top of everything else they have on the agenda, their employees don’t seem to be properly communicating the brand to the public. Ask yourself this question: Do your employees currently communicate your brand to the public in the most effective way?

For example, let’s say your company has developed and utilizes a revolutionary process for water bottle manufacturers to purify water in the most cost-effective and safe way on the market. If your employees simply say your company works with water purification, they aren’t properly communicating the many benefits you actually offer. This internal problem hinders your reach in the market and can actually hurt your business in the long-term, but how does this happen and what should you do to remedy it?

Brand miscommunication occurs when there is a lack of internal consistency among your employees. This happens when an internal brand structure isn’t being implemented across the board. What do I mean by “Internal Brand Structure?” An internal brand structure has to do with everything from how you answer to the phone in the office to the signature used on each of your employee’s e-mails. At Raxa, we make sure to teach each and every client that a brand lives in the mind, but this starts with the simplest of associations made with a brand. I’ll turn to Chik-fil-a for an easy example. At Chik-fil-a, employees are told to say, “my pleasure,” instead of, “you’re welcome.” Go ahead and test this at the closest restaurant to you. Tell any employee, “thank you,” and they will all respond, “my pleasure,” in return. This may seem like a menial thing, but these menial things all add up to the bigger picture of your brand’s public communication.

This all starts with an internal brand structure, so if you find your employees miscommunicating your brand, you may be in need of a Re-Branding to sort these issues out. With proper internal branding, you can move forward with confidence that your employees are properly communicating your brand to the public, allowing you to focus on the rest of everything on your agenda. Great news, huh?

But don’t ease up just yet. Internal Branding is incredibly important, but External Branding requires just as much (if not more) care and attention. After all, your brand lives in the mind of the consumer, right? So you better hope you’re getting the right thoughts about your brand into their heads!

Next week, as we continue with the 6 Signs You May Need to Re-Brand, we’ll move onto proper External Branding. Branding your company externally has a lot to do with your image consistency, be it your logo, website, or various marketing collateral, but remember…set an internal structure for how your employees should act, what they should say, and how they should communicate your brand, and most of all…stick to your structure! The biggest brands in the world do it, and so should you.

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Brian Waraksa

Brian Waraksa, founder of Raxa Design in Houston, Texas, has been in marketing and small business branding since 2002. He writes the Raxa Design blog to inform small businesses and corporations on effective branding.

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