The Raxa Brand Building & Renovation System™

At Raxa Design, we don’t only limit ourselves to fancy ad campaigns, websites, and logos. Unlike many agencies, we take an entirely different approach. Yes, your business may need a better logo, a cleaner website, or a sleeker brochure, but we’re not just about making these things look nicer — we have a brand building & renovation system that revolutionizes how you do business; a system that truly makes a difference.

You might be asking how we do this. Well, strategic brand building is a lot like building a house. Essential steps are required to ensure the home-building process is correctly surveyed, meticulously planned, constructed accordingly, and maintained to prevent value from decreasing. Our brand building system follows many of these same key steps:

How Does Our Brand Building System Work?

Phase 1: Brand Surveying

Just like surveying the land before building a home, we begin by completely analyzing your company in all aspects of business. For this phase of the brand building system to be successful, key leadership must communicate the value of brand ownership from the top down.  Once everyone is on board, the system begins by providing an accurate view and understanding of you and your culture, customers, and competitors.


Phase 2: Brand Drafting

Once the Surveying Phase is complete, we analyze all gathered information to draft a summary profile of your company, products, services, and target customers. This provides us with an accurate view of who your company is today. Quickly moving forward, we work with you to articulate your brand vision, values, strategy, and core value proposition. With this information, we'll draft your Brand Blueprint, leading us into the most exciting phase: Brand Construction.


Phase 3: Brand Construction

The Construction Phase begins by developing your company messaging as the foundation of your brand. After establishing the foundation, we move on to your framework, methodically forming your brand’s visual shape and personality to best resonate with your customers. Once your foundation and framework have been completed, your Brandscape Essentials will be constructed. These form the basic visual identity package that shows how your brand will be applied to standard communication pieces.

At Raxa Design, our process is solely customized to your needs. We offer a variety of Brandscape Additions to further maximize your brand's potential and focus entirely on what you and your customers want from your brand. Once the Construction Phase is complete, we build your Brand Owner’s Guide, which is the key to building a culture of brand ownership within your company while ensuring your brand is accurately communicated to your customers. Employee training is also provided to present the brand and its importance in each employee’s role.

Phase 4: Brand Maintenance

You may have a great brand now, but how can you be certain it stays that way and continues to improve? Our ongoing Maintenance Phase keeps your brand managed so it stays clear, consistent, protected, relevant, and efficient. As your personal outsourced marketing department, we provide strategic planning, metrics, and support to you for less than the cost of one new employee.

By partnering with Raxa Design to help manage and market your brand, you can confidently move forward, continually meeting the needs of your customers and employees while creating new possibilities for your company’s growth.