Marketing Makes a Difference

What is marketing to you?

If your feelings on marketing lean toward an undesired expense, you might not be tapping into your full potential, but before we get into that…

Advertisements have overwhelmed the average consumer.  Today, this consumer sees roughly 5,000 ads for products and services he or she could really care less about. As a culture, we’ve developed a filter to screen out these ads called: Not paying attention.

So how do you cut through all the clutter and reach the most valuable thing you can initially get from a consumer: their attention? You must differentiate yourself from the competition.

Ask yourself these few questions:

• Does my company’s marketing expenditures only follow what everyone else is doing?
• Is there really ANYTHING that separates my company from the competition? (Be honest.)
• Do I promote these differences to my target market?

If you’re only following what everyone else is doing at the time, you will never find results from marketing. People see 5,000 ads per day remember? And if yours are just like everyone else’s, why should they care? Your marketing goal should be to make them care; make them voluntarily give you their valuable attention! But how do you do this?

The Raxa Design marketing team helps you develop a message and image that commands attention and promotes tangible benefits to your target audience in a style that increases your lead generation. Here are a few types of our most popular print media and marketing projects:

  • Direct Mail Campaign
  • Sales Kit Development
  • Sales Presentations
  • Corporate Videos
  • eMail Campaign
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Branding
  • Pay Per Click Advertising & Management
  • Vehicle Wraps