Should You Integrate Your Portrait into Your Webpage Design?

It seems to be a growing trend. Small business websites with owner headshots integrated into the design. You see it on lawyer sites, real estate agent sites, even some web designer sites. It seems as if the headshot might work for virtually any type of small business web page.

But the question is this: is it a good idea to make your headshot a prominent piece of your design? The following details some of the pros and cons.

Pro: It helps you get personal.

When a potential customer sees your photo prominently displayed on your homepage, it can make them feel a bit more comfortable. That’s because they get the feeling that they’re dealing with a real person rather than some business conglomerate. In turn, that can make the customer feel like you’ll be more than just a number. Maybe you could even be friends! And friends take care of one another. See where we’re going with this?

Con: You can’t just use any photo.

You certainly don’t want a photo that looks like you took it yourself. Personal is good, but amateur is not. That said, you’re probably going to have to spend some money on having a professional portrait made. And you may even want someone to touch it up for you. Luckily, your graphic design company can cover that aspect for you. And if you really luck out, they’ll have a photographer on staff so they can cover the whole job for you.

Pro: Attractiveness might really mean more business.

Let’s face it. We’re a shallow people. No matter how much we try to get away from it—we can’t. And the sad fact is, the more attractive your picture, the more likely certain people will do business with you. So if you have looks that kill, you really might want to consider integrating a picture into your website. That way you can start slaying the competition.

Con: It’s tricky to do it correctly.

Integrating your photo into the design is tricky business. And it’s going to take a web design company with plenty of experience to pull it off. Otherwise your site is going to end up looking really silly. Not to mention, if the photo is too large, you might end up giving people the impression that you’re stuck up. And no one wants to do business with a company like that.

The verdict?

So should you integrate your photo into your design? Well, the answer still isn’t all that clear. But we can tell you this. If you don’t have a good designer, don’t even think about it. You need a professional who can make the tough choices when it comes to putting your page together.

If you’re really wanting your picture integrated, they’ll know exactly how to do it. And while you’re at it, find a company that does SEO as well. That way they’ll make sure your sophisticated photo is seen all around the web!

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