How to Plan Your Marketing Campaigns for 2014

The Branding Boo’s can affect many parts of your business, including your website, employee morale, and marketing endeavors. If you have yet to read about the Branding Boo's, check it out here.

However, getting your plans in motion in time for the New Year festivities will allow you to start 2014 with a head start toward achieving your goals.

And this especially applies to planning your marketing campaigns for 2014. But first, ask yourself two questions: Were your 2013 marketing campaigns successful? And did you run consistent campaigns or sporadic attempts when business was down?

These questions must be answered while planning your 2014 campaigns. If your campaigns weren’t successful, odds are trying the same tactics won’t work next year either. Or maybe you weren’t consistent with your marketing and advertising, trying one-off tactics to feebly increase awareness. This sets you up for failure by giving your limited public exposure for your business, a fatal mistake in the world of marketing!

You see…the key to marketing is consistency. The average American human is assaulted with upwards of 5,000 advertisements per day. 5,000! And you think that your single, sporadic campaign will be able to keep and retain their attention? No! You must continually stay in front of your target market with consistent marketing attempts from multiple sources, and this all starts with planning out your year now. Don’t wait until the entire family is in town for turkey feasts and present opening, start now!

Take what you did and didn’t like from your marketing attempts this year and apply it to your new plans. Plan for a consistent schedule across the year, not just sporadic attempts here and there. Most importantly, set your marketing budget for the New Year, but remember: Expect the price of advertising to rise at least 3% next year, so prepare your budget with that in mind to give yourself some budgetary room instead of having to cut back on your marketing from a lack of funds. There’s nothing more frustrating then taking the time to set up a solid plan for the next year’s marketing campaigns, only to have to cut back as a result of insufficient finances.

Here at Raxa Design, we always talk about our plans for the New Year and closely follow what did and didn’t work out well during this year. The reason for this is that to solve the Branding Boo’s, and in this case Marketing Boo’s, we must take the crucial step of planning. If you set your plan and stick to it, you will see much more success than sporadically attempting to market your brand when business is down.

If you ever have any further questions for solving your own Branding Boo’s, we’d love to hear from you and set up a personal plan to prepare you for the New Year. I hope these tips for preparing your 2014 marketing campaign help you as we approach the holiday season. Next week, we’ll close out the Branding Boo’s with an in-depth look at living in the “Brand of Dreams.”

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Brian Waraksa

Brian Waraksa, founder of Raxa Design in Houston, Texas, has been in marketing and small business branding since 2002. He writes the Raxa Design blog to inform small businesses and corporations on effective branding.

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