How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Ecommerce Site

Selling goods and services on the Internet is a big business. Although many consumers buy products from major players like Amazon, smaller sites are also flourishing. If you have an ecommerce site, you can still do very well. The key is making your site as effective as possible.

The good news about making your site more effective is it’s not as difficult as it may initially seem. There are two keys to getting the results you want. The first is to commit to making changes on an ongoing basis. One of the main reasons many ecommerce sites don’t perform as well as their owners would like is because they don’t look for ways to make improvements. Instead, they simply keep waiting and hope something will magically improve their site’s performance.

The second key is not to get caught up trying to achieve “the perfect conversion rate.” The reason this pursuit is a waste of time and energy is because no metric actually exists. Because there are so many factors involved in ecommerce, conversion rates can greatly vary from one site to another. Instead of worrying about how other sites are performing, only focus on your own. Once you know how well you site is converting, use that as the base for measuring your improvements.

Now that you know what your mindset should be for making these changes, here are some of the areas you can improve, along with specific ideas for doing so:

SEO: You want to use targeted keywords to drive as many customers as possible to your site. However, make sure that they are the best keywords for your business. There is no point in getting lots of hits on your site if those people will not be interested in your product. What this means is you’ll probably be better off going after long-tail keywords than shorter but less targeted ones.

Web Design: Multiple high quality pictures are a great way to help customers connect with products. The same is true for video. Not only can video be a very good way to encourage people to buy, but what’s really great is you can easily shoot your own video with an affordable HD camera.

Content: Don’t limit customers to a few technical details about products. Instead, write great descriptions that will get them excited. You should also encourage your customers to post product reviews. This builds up customer loyalty and is a great advertisement to new customers. And if you have any incentives such as free shipping, make sure that these are clearly displayed on your site.

Regardless of how many sales your ecommerce site is currently doing, you can improve. Instead of worrying that there’s no room for smaller players or that you will need to start from scratch, you just need to start with one improvement and build from there.

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Brian Waraksa

Brian Waraksa, founder of Raxa Design in Houston, Texas has been in marketing and small business branding since 2002. He writes the Raxa Design blog on issues affecting small business marketing and corporate brands.

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