How Being Thankful Can Benefit Your Business

Thanksgiving is next week! The turkey dinners, family and friends, and what we’re thankful for – That’s what it’s all about. But I bet you didn’t know that research has actually shown that being thankful is GOOD for you. Consistently showing gratitude actually decreases health problems and increases levels of energy, enthusiasm, and more importantly, productivity.

So why don’t people show gratitude more often? Taking that a step farther, why don’t BUSINESSES show gratitude? The same benefits apply for them too! And today, I’m going to walk you through four simple ways to express your thankfulness.

Share It

Let your employees know you notice and acknowledge them. Sometimes, business owners can get so caught up in the craziness of their company that they disregard the people who make their business properly run. It can happen to anyone, but finding periodic ways to compliment and reinforce your employee’s work will help to sustain continuous productivity. It’s not even difficult. Send them a thank you note. E-mails work, but hand-written notes still have the most impact. Either way, let them know you appreciate them, and it will pay back dividends in the long run.

Give It

Here’s a shocker: People like free things. It doesn’t even have to be expensive things (grocery store samples, anyone?). People just like getting something for nothing. This could be a meal for you employees or gifts for your best clients. The point here is this: A gift raises the level of gratitude, AND, for your clients, they can also act as a marketing strategy if done correctly. Win-win.

Use Your Phone

Randomly calling someone to say thank you can make his or her day. It’s happened to me, and it leaves a big impression. Doing so will set you apart as a thoughtful person to do business with, especially since most phone calls today focus on sales and only sales. You don’t have to have an agenda, just say thank you. If the conversation naturally transitions into business, terrific, but if it doesn’t, don’t press anything. Just tell them you wanted to thank them for their impact on your life and business and for them to have a great day. You’ll leave a big impression, and they’ll think more highly of you.

Be Kind

Doing something for someone else “just because” can create all sorts of good will while simultaneously encouraging others to do the same. Like those Starbucks “pay it forward” trains we’ve heard about on the news (I still want to get involved in one of those, but I’ve spent way too much there to keep trying! Argh!), practicing random acts of kindness can drastically improve not only the person who you’re doing something nice for, but the world itself.

These four simple steps work in our personal lives AND for our business. The great thing about it? It’s simple to do, AND it makes you feel better about yourself! What’s not to love about that? From Raxa Design, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

About The Author

Brian Waraksa

Brian Waraksa, founder of Raxa Design in Houston, Texas, has been in marketing and small business branding since 2002. He writes the Raxa Design blog to inform small businesses and corporations on effective branding.

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