5 Great Logo Design Tips

Logo Design Tips

What makes a great logo?

Simply put, a logo is a name, symbol, or trademark of a company or an organization, but more importantly, a logo defines your business.  Your logo can be made up of text that is configured in a unique way, an illustration with your company’s name on or around the illustration, or a symbol that expresses who your company is that can be easily recognized.  Your logo may also be a combination of all of these features, but its main goal is always to project your company’s intended image.  Remember, a logo is much more than just a graphic; for the small business owner, it may be the greatest source of advertising.  Therefore, the logo must do its job.

If you research the rules for designing a great logo, chances are you'll come across these points made by our lead designer and nationally recognized expert on small business branding, Dan Antonelli. Dan is also the author of two logo design books: Logo Design for Small Business I & II.

Here are five things that make a great logo:

  • A great logo should be unique and memorable
  • A great logo should evoke an emotional response
  • A great logo must reproduce well in various sizes
  • A great logo is simple and eye catching
  • A great logo must be effective, even without color

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