5 Examples Of How Less Can Be More

At first, the idea of offering less in order to increase the effectiveness for your website may seem counterintuitive. However, there are several proven ways that this strategy can improve your website and the profitability of your business:

Trial Periods

While a trial period is a great way to give potential customers a feel for your product, you don't want to offer too wide of a window. Consumers who are ready to make a purchase are not going to need a ton of time to make a decision. Offering trial periods that are too long can actually be a distraction for individuals who are serious about making a purchase.

A shorter period gives serious prospects an opportunity to test the product and then make a decision. If you're currently offering a trial period that's longer than a month, you should test shortening it to 30 days, as well as test the results of shortening it to 14 days.

Product Options

The last thing you want your website to do is overwhelm visitors by providing too many choices. Research has shown that when consumers are presented with too many choices, they often make no choice at all. This is especially true for online sales. Luckily, the less is more philosophy can help your visitors stay focused and make a decision on the best product for their needs.

Most conversion testing shows that between 3 and 6 options is the sweet spot for maximizing sales. Many SaaS companies offer 3 monthly plans, while Amazon limits the additional books it suggests to 6.


The less is more concept can also apply to any forms you use on your website. While forms can play a central role in collecting leads, forms that are too long and involved can drive prospects away. Split tests have shown that forms with 3 to 5 fields result in the highest number of conversions.

Navigational Links

Websites that contain too many navigational links not only look cluttered, but they can also make it very difficult for users to find what they need. When someone visits your website, they want to find valuable content without needing to spend a bunch of time clicking around your site. By setting up your navigational links to include only the most relevant content categories, your website visitors will be able to have a much better experience.

Blog Posts

Because it allows you to communicate with both potential and current customers, a blog is a valuable addition to your website. However, many businesses make the mistake of thinking they should crank out as many posts as possible. In reality, you can increase engagement with readers and improve the amount of social media sharing blog posts receive by publishing less of them. For example, instead of publishing 5 decent blog posts a week, invest the same amount of time into publishing 2 great posts a week.

Have you applied the less is more strategy to any other areas of your website or business?

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