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You've read multiple articles and blog posts that have told you how important it is to create an email list and connect with your subscribers on a regular basis. While you know that a service like AWeber or MailChimp makes it really easy to create and manage an email list, what you don't know is what you should email the people who are interested in hearing from you.

If you're hesitant to email your list subscribers, that's actually not a bad thing. Since building a quality list of prospects and current customers takes time, the last thing you want to do is waste that list by accidentally annoying your recipients and causing them to unsubscribe. Although figuring out what to send is a big decision, the good news is you do have quite a few different options:

Don't Let Old Content Go to Waste: Blogging is a great way to build an active audience. The only downside to blogging is it emphasizes new content over older content. While your old posts will bring in some search engine visitors, they're not going to be seen by the majority of new prospects who come to your website. While this isn't a big deal for blogs that mainly focus on news, the evergreen nature of your blog means that posts you wrote a year ago may be just as relevant today as they were then. What's nice about email marketing is it gives you an opportunity to breathe new life into the posts that you worked so hard to create. WIth just a little editing to make them the perfect fit for email, you can use old blog posts to educate and engage your email list.

Can Be a Two-Way Conversation: Many people forget that just because you're sending an email to multiple recipients doesn't mean that it can't be personal and engaging. Awhile back, entrepreneur Jason Calacanis got a lot of attention for switching his primary communication medium from blogging to sending an email newsletter. One of the things that made his newsletter unique is he always asked for subscribers to send him their thoughts. This allowed him to build a very strong and engaged audience. You can enjoy this same level of engagement with your audience simply by asking them to send a reply with their thoughts about your email.

Email Works Best as a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Now that you've got some ideas for your email list, you're ready to start connecting with your subscribers. The last thing to keep in mind is that this format is best suited for building relationships over the long-term. Instead of immediately blasting your list and asking them to make a purchase from you, focusing on building their interest and trust in you. While this long-term approach doesn't appeal to spammers, it's actually great for real businesses. The reason is it means you're free to experiment with different approaches and figure out what works best for your audience.

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