Do Visitors Trust Your Website?

Whether you want your website visitors to submit their email address or pull out their credit card and make a purchase, before a visitor will take any action, they need to trust your website. If visitors are concerned that your website isn't legitimate, they're unlikely to submit their email address to you, and they're definitely not going to make a purchase through your website.

If a lack of trust is hurting your conversion rate, the good news is there are some simple steps you can take to ensure visitors know that there is a legitimate business behind your website:

Add Testimonials with Pictures: Even the best copywriters will admit that nothing they write is as compelling as testimonials from customers. When a visitor is about to take action on your website, there is a little part of their brain that asks "are you about to do something you're going to regret?" Because no one wants to answer yes to this question, adding testimonials to your website will reassure visitors that other real people have taken the same action and were very happy with the outcome.

While it's great to have a page of testimonials, it's also good to put a testimonial near your call to action button. This will provide visitors with reassurance as they are actually taking action. Also, try to include a picture next your testimonials. This ensures visitors can see that they're legitimate testimonials.

Add Trust Seals: Because you spend a significant amount of time online, it's easy to forget that most Internet users are not nearly as computer savvy as you. As a result, there may be things that matter to them that you don't even notice. Trust seals are a perfect example. Since you probably see BBB and McAfee Secure (previously Hacker Safe) logos on websites throughout the day, you probably don't pay much attention to them.

However, for regular Internet users, these seals can be very important. How important? According to the Conversion Doctor, these signs of trusts have a noticeable impact on conversion rates:

Conversion Rate With NO Seals or Logos: 2.06%
Conversion Rate With ONLY BBB Online Logo: 2.15%
Conversion Rate With ONLY Hacker Safe Logo: 2.27%
Conversion Rate With BOTH BBB Online AND Hacker Safe Logos: 2.33%

Take the Time to Answer Visitor Questions: There are plenty of long landing pages that are very ugly. As a result, many business owners assume they need to keep their landing pages short in order for them to be aesthetically pleasing. In reality, long copy is actually effective. The main reason is it gives you an opportunity to answer as many questions as possible that visitors may have. When visitors are able to read an answer to a question that pops into their head, they're going to feel much more confident about taking action. Additionally, there's no reason that longer landing pages can't still be attractive.

What makes you trust a website enough to place an order through it?

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