Conversion: The Real Key to Increasing Your Bottom Line in 2012

Developing a content strategy, building an email list and engaging in social media marketing are all ways that you can bring more visitors to your website during 2012. While all of these options are very effective when done correctly, there's one more step that you have to focus on if you want these visitors to become actual customers. Conversion is the key to actually increasing your bottom line. Although it may not be a topic that the tech press hypes on a regular basis, optimizing your conversion rate can have a major impact on your overall business.

While you will probably have prior steps in your sales funnel, once you're ready to actually make a sale, a landing page is generally the most effective way to maximize your conversion rate. The reason a good landing page works so well is because it gives a visitor all the information and reassurance they need to become a customer by actually pulling out their credit card and making a purchase.

Since your landing page can make or break your ability to close sales online, here are some tips for ensuring every landing page you create in 2012 yields the best results possible:

Compelling Headline

The headline for your landing page should be highly visible. You want to make sure that your landing page's headline is positioned and sized so it immediately grabs visitors’ attention. Because there's no doubt that visitors will look at your headline, you need to ensure that it's compelling. According to legendary copywriter Joseph Sugarman, the sole goal of the headline is to get people to continue reading.

Add Testimonials

Most people are naturally adverse to risk. One risk that we all try to avoid is losing money. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a product or service that turns out to be worthless. As a result, your landing page needs to reassure visitors that they're not going to be disappointed by their purchase.

While persuasive copywriting can be very effective, nothing is better than honest feedback from other people. The reason visitors respond to this type of feedback is because it functions as a form of social proof. Once visitors know that other people have been happy with their purchase, their fear of wasting their money will subside. By adding real testimonials from existing customers, you can show new visitors that they're going to be very happy with their purchase.

Include Multiple Call to Actions

Although your landing page doesn't have to go on forever, a good one will have quite a bit of information. As a result, it's important to remember that different visitors will read different amounts of information. To avoid missing any opportunities, make sure that you include multiple call to actions throughout the course of your page. This includes placing a highly visible call to action, like a button, above the fold of your landing page.

Have you used any tools to increase the conversion rate of your landing page(s)?

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