Common Mistakes That Kill Business Blogs

Whether you've just started a blog to help promote your business or your employer has been speaking with you about launching a company blog, it’s absolutely true that a blog can help a business grow. Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this post right now!

While blogs have long since passed their stage of being nothing more than personal journals, there's still a lot of confusion about how to blog the right way. This is especially true for businesses who want to get on board with blogging. To get the most out of the time you spend blogging, make sure you avoid these common business blogging mistakes:

Making It All About Themselves: This is not only the most common mistake, but it's also the mistake that will kill your blog before it ever has a chance to grow. You can add as many pages to your website as you want about what makes your business great and why customers should choose you. However, when it comes to your blog, your focus needs to change.

The reason so many businesses make this mistake is they're used to their marketing efforts being all about them. But unless you're a company like Apple, your blogging needs to have a broader focus. The key to figuring out what you should blog about is thinking what your audience wants to read, not what you think they should read.

By putting yourself in the shoes of the type of people you want reading your blog, you will be able to build an audience who's eager to read every post you publish.

Not Posting Often Enough: While blogging will help your website attract more search engine traffic, this is only one of its benefits. If all you want to do is publish a few posts to pull in extra search engine visitors, you're better off publishing them under an articles section of your website.

Although you don't have to post on a daily basis, the biggest benefit of blogging comes from building an audience. And like a TV show, building an audience requires you to deliver quality content on a consistent basis.

If you're just getting started, commit to publishing one great post a week. After a month or two of keeping this schedule, you'll be able to decide if that schedule is the right fit for you and your blogging goals.

Not Interacting with the Audience: A blog isn't a one-way street. Businesses who simply publish posts and never take time to look at the comments that are left are missing a huge opportunity.

If someone takes the time to leave a comment, it means they're interested in what you're saying. And if they're interested in what you have to say, chances are they'll make an ideal customer now or in the future.

Given the amount of money businesses spend trying to bring in new potential customers, don't make the mistake of overlooking leads that are right in front of you!

Writing Like a Robot: Your blog doesn't need to read like a corporate memo. In fact, a lot more people will read it if you write with your own voice and personality. Whether you're writing a blog for your own business or you're an employee blogging for your company, you'll get much better results by letting readers get to know you through your writing.

What mistake(s) have you recently seen a business blog make?

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Brian Waraksa, founder of Raxa Design in Houston, Texas has been in marketing and small business branding since 2002. He writes the Raxa Design blog on issues affecting small business marketing and corporate brands.

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