Branding Makes a Difference

We love Branding. You should too.

So many business owners confuse marketing with branding today, but a brand is the CUSTOMER’S thoughts, feelings, and reactions to who you are, not YOUR thoughts – Typically, small business owners concentrate more on marketing and advertising than branding, and they’re really missing out.

For example, what thoughts fill your head when you think of Apple? How about Wal-Mart, Amazon, or Subway? These companies focus a lot of time and resources into projecting a certain brand image to their customers, but why do they do it? Because branding makes a difference.

Don’t believe us yet? First feeling when you think of Enron – Go.

You see, a brand can have either a positive or negative effect on everyone’s reaction of who you are, and small businesses need to focus on this effect too. Think of your favorite childhood restaurant from your hometown. Was it a mom and pop restaurant with the most delicious food that only the locals really knew about? That mom and pop restaurant had a killer reputation; everyone knew they had the best food around and always thought of it when deciding where to eat.

Ask yourself these questions:

• Does your brand convey any sort of feeling or emotion to your customers?
• Is your brand differentiating itself from your competition?
• Does your brand currently impact your bottom line at all?

If you couldn’t answer yes to any of those questions, you could seriously be limiting your potential for success. Thoughts, feelings, and reactions can go a long way when customers decide whom to use, and with a flood of options at their disposal, these thoughts and feelings can oftentimes be the deciding factor in their choice. So what are these thoughts, these happy feelings and reactions?

Branding, and it always makes a difference.

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