• Re-Branding Sign #3 – My Employees Aren’t Properly Communicating My Brand!

    Glad you’re back. But if you aren’t back, meaning you’ve missed signs 1 and 2 that you may need to Re-Brand, then you need to catch up with the Cover Your Logo Test and Need More Referrals posts. Don’t worry; we’ll still be here when you get back. Okay, today we’re going to talk a bit about your brand internally.

  • Re-Branding Sign #2 – Need More Referrals?

    Welcome to the second article outlining “6 Signs You May Need to Re-Brand.” If you missed the first step, check it out by following the link to do the Cover Your Logo Test. Back? Fantastic.

  • Re-Branding Sign #1: "Cover Your Logo"

    Welcome to a series on 6 Signs You May Need to Re-Brand, but before we start...What is a Brand? Ask that question to everyone in your office. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  • Google's Q3 2012 Search Changes: What You Need to Know

    2012 has been a big year for online marketing. While trends like inbound marketing are on the rise, Facebook's less than stellar IPO has cast doubts over the effectiveness of targeted display ads. Only time will tell if Facebook can find a way to have the type of impact on online advertising that Google did with AdWords.

  • 3 Great Social Media Tips for Businesses

    When the average high school kid tweets, all they care about is getting the attention of their friends. Since many teens use Twitter as a form of public texting, they aren't overly concerned about what they say. Even if something doesn't come out the way they wanted, it will likely be drowned out by their friends in a matter of minutes.

  • The Real Secret to Successful Business Blogging

    There's a good chance that when you first put your business online, all you had was a two or three page website. Then as you studied your competitors and successful businesses in other industries, you may have realized that expanding your website could significantly boost your online marketing efforts.

  • The Top Myths and Misconceptions About Email Marketing

    Email marketing can be an extremely effective way to communicate with potential and existing customers. However, many businesses don't think this is true. Whether they don't do email marketing at all or are looking for other channels like social media because they want better results, the issue isn't email marketing.

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