• Marketing Tip #1 - Niche Market and Brand Position

    Create a niche market and brand position.

    In today's business environment, you've got to separate yourself from the pack - you've got to create a niche and a memorable brand.  Your brand is what you stand for, what makes you different, its the first thought you want to enter into your prospect's mind. Brands are mental associations that get stirred up with the use of words, images, and emotion. Contrary to what some may think, your brand is not your logo. Your logo is part of your brand.

    Ask yourself, how can I differentiate my business from competitors? How can I create a perception that my target market simply can't live without me? What do I have to offer?

  • Yahoo! Embeds Video to Search Results Page

    Get Ready to Post Your Videos

    Yahoo! now allows video to be embedded within the search results page. So, what does that mean? Simply put it allows searchers to view a video or embedded content without leaving the search results page. This is a pretty cool feature that changes the whole search experience.

    Let me illustrate it for you. Below are the results for the search "hulu american dad" on both Yahoo and Google.

    houston video marketing

    Notice that Google displays an image within the search results, but when the image is clicked, it opens to the Hulu site for viewing.

  • SIX Completely Free Ways to Promote Your Business

    We hear it all the time:  nothing in life is free…there’s no such thing as a free ride…free doesn’t come cheap.  Well, that may be true in some cases, but when it comes to advertising on the Web, there are SIX completely free ways to promote your business online without having to spend a thing.  That’s right, you read correctly.  There are six free ways to get your business into the hands of your customers, all at the click of a mouse.  From showing up more often in web site searches to literally putting your name on the map, the following six advertising directories will put you head and shoulders above your competition, making you easily accessible and readily available to all of your future customers who have been waiting to find you.
    Google MapsEveryone uses Google Maps these days, whether it be from a PC or an iPhone, so what better way to advertise than to have your business show up in a Google Maps search?  You only need four things to get started:

    • A short description of your business
    • Your telephone number, business address and any other contact info you want to advertise
    • Your company logo
    • A coupon or special offer you want to advertise


  • 5 Great Logo Design Tips

    Logo Design Tips
    What makes a great logo?

    Simply put, a logo is a name, symbol, or trademark of a company or an organization, but more importantly, a logo defines your business.  Your logo can be made up of text that is configured in a unique way, an illustration with your company’s name on or around the illustration, or a symbol that expresses who your company is that can be easily recognized.  Your logo may also be a combination of all of these features, but its main goal is always to project your company’s intended image.  Remember, a logo is much more than just a graphic; for the small business owner, it may be the greatest source of advertising.  Therefore, the logo must do its job.

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