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  • Do You Need a Custom Website Design or Will a Template Suit Your Needs?

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    If you are looking at setting up a new website or re-designing your existing website, you have no doubt been wondering whether you need a custom website design or if you can find a template that will meet your needs. Some website designers will tell you that templates are never a good choice, but I have found that simply is not true. Sometimes a template can fit your needs and may be the best option for you and your current business goals.

  • How Can You Tell if Your Website Needs a Redesign?


    You know that a website is critical for your business, but did you know that a poorly designed or outdated website can actually result in lost customers and missed sales?Today’s customers expect businesses to have a well-designed, modern, and responsive website. If visitors to your website find it difficult to use, they could end up at your competitors website.It can be difficult for business owners to objectively assess their own websites.