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  • Do You Need a Custom Website Design or Will a Template Suit Your Needs?

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    If you are looking at setting up a new website or re-designing your existing website, you have no doubt been wondering whether you need a custom website design or if you can find a template that will meet your needs. Some website designers will tell you that templates are never a good choice, but I have found that simply is not true. Sometimes a template can fit your needs and may be the best option for you and your current business goals.

  • How Can You Tell if Your Website Needs a Redesign?


    You know that a website is critical for your business, but did you know that a poorly designed or outdated website can actually result in lost customers and missed sales?Today’s customers expect businesses to have a well-designed, modern, and responsive website. If visitors to your website find it difficult to use, they could end up at your competitors website.It can be difficult for business owners to objectively assess their own websites.

  • Website Boo's

    Over here at Raxa, we frequently talk about end of the year woes for most brands. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, business dips as seasonal festivities begin and employees look forward to time off with families. Often during this time, business owners take a closer look at their brand and worry that they won’t have enough time to simultaneously complete billable work, schedule employee’s holiday vacations, and plan for the New Year. We call this panic toward the end of the year, “T...

  • The Top 10 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover

    If you ever watched ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," you know that makeovers are about much more than a few surface changes. Families' homes weren't transformed simply so they could show off their shiny new digs to friends and family. Instead, it was to give these families a new lease on life.

  • 5 Tips for Simplifying Your Website

    Although it's easy to feel like you need to pack as many elements into your website design as possible, the truth is that the simpler you can keep things, the more effective your website is going to be. And while many people assume that simplifying a design is the easiest thing possible, it can actually present some unique challenges.

  • Is Your Website Discouraging Sales?

    Your website is often a potential customer's first point of contact with your company. As a result, it’s crucial that your site be well designed, easy to use and informative. Unfortunately, many sites suffer from problems that actually drive customers away.

  • How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Ecommerce Site

    Selling goods and services on the Internet is a big business. Although many consumers buy products from major players like Amazon, smaller sites are also flourishing. If you have an ecommerce site, you can still do very well. The key is making your site as effective as possible.

  • Does Your Website Need to Be Mobile?

    It's no secret that people spend a lot of time browsing the web on their cellphones. As a result of this shift in usage, many businesses have jumped on the mobile website bandwagon. However, while cellphones couldn't handle full websites several years ago, the iPhone and all of the other devices that have sprung up to compete with it have eliminated that issue.

    Mobile Websites Can Do More Harm than Good

  • 5 Additions That Can Make Your Homepage Even More Effective

    The fact that you're taking time out of your busy schedule to read blog posts about ways to improve your business means you're already ahead of many other business owners. What you realize is regardless of how much you may already know, there is always room for improvement. This concept is especially important for web design. Many people think that web design is a one-time task. While that can be true, the most effective web designs are the result of ongoing changes and improvements.

  • 3 Common Design Elements That You Can Easily Improve

    Improving the design of your site or blog doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch. While a complete redesign may be the best option in some cases, many designs simply need some tweaks. This is especially true for some of the most common design elements. Examples of what you can easily improve include:

    Social Sharing Buttons

    People like to share content through social networks. As a result, many sites incorporate buttons that make it easy to share. Unfortunately, the most common trend for these buttons has become to cram in as many as possible.

    If you currently have these buttons on your site, you may want to rethink their usage. First, look at your analytics to find out which social networks your visitors are actually using. There’s no reason to provide shortcuts to a dozen different sites when your visitors are actually only using 2 or 3.

  • Do Visitors Trust Your Website?

    Whether you want your website visitors to submit their email address or pull out their credit card and make a purchase, before a visitor will take any action, they need to trust your website. If visitors are concerned that your website isn't legitimate, they're unlikely to submit their email address to you, and they're definitely not going to make a purchase through your website.

    If a lack of trust is hurting your conversion rate, the good news is there are some simple steps you can take to ensure visitors know that there is a legitimate business behind your website:

    Add Testimonials with Pictures: Even the best copywriters will admit that nothing they write is as compelling as testimonials from customers. When a visitor is about to take action on your website, there is a little part of their brain that asks "are you about to do something you're going to regret?" Because no one wants to answer yes to this question, adding testimonials to your website will reassure visitors that other real people have taken the same action and were very happy with the outcome.

  • Redesigning for All the Wrong Reasons

    Among other things, I design websites. So of course it’s in my best interest to sell the idea of website redesigns. However, the truth is that if you ask me, I’m not always going to recommend a redesign. In fact, sometimes I may flat out say no.

    Why? Because above all else, I am a builder of brands. And whatever I recommend, it will be in the best interest of your brand. That said, there are times that people come to me wanting to redesign for all the wrong reasons.

    Here are a few instances in which I would try to dissuade you from redesigning your business’s website:

  • How Much Home Page Real Estate Should Be Given To Social Media Icons?

    A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time discussing the overuse of social media icons in advertising. Everywhere you look, these Facebook and Twitter icons are clogging up space, distracting customers from what’s really important…deterring them from taking any profitable action for your company.

  • What You Should Know About Web Design

    If you run your own business, there’s no need to be a web design expert. There are plenty of companies out there who can wear that hat for you. However, before you hire someone to handle your web design, it’d be a good idea to have some basic web design knowledge. Here are a few things you should know:

    • The Importance of Great Website Copy

      I know this is a design blog, but I’ve always been a firm believer that a great design is totally ineffective if not paired with the right words. To me, the best websites (and other marketing/advertising materials) are the perfect combination of clean design and powerful copy. When both the look and the words are just right, that’s when you have a website that converts visitors at a high rate.

      But what makes for good website copy? Here’s a simple checklist you should use to grade the content of your site. Great copy is…

    • Should You Integrate Your Portrait into Your Webpage Design?

      It seems to be a growing trend. Small business websites with owner headshots integrated into the design. You see it on lawyer sites, real estate agent sites, even some web designer sites. It seems as if the headshot might work for virtually any type of small business web page.

      But the question is this: is it a good idea to make your headshot a prominent piece of your design? The following details some of the pros and cons.

    • Qualities of a Good Website Design

      People often say that art and design are subjective. They say there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” design. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And while that might be true with some art and design, that’s not the case with website design. With website design, there is right and wrong. There is good and bad. It’s not opinion. It’s fact based on how users interact with websites. If your website creates a poor user experience, it doesn’t matter how cool you think it looks. It’s a bad, ineffective website. With that in mind, what are the qualities of a good website design?

    • Want to Make Your Website More Interactive?

      I hate the term, but we are living in the age of Web 2.0. Web users aren’t satisfied with static websites that shout one-way messages at them. They demand an interactive, engaging experience. That’s how you keep them on your website longer and give them incentives for returning. So, what can you do to make your website more interactive? Here are some simple tips to get you started.

    • 6 Important Things to Consider During a Website Redesign

      There comes a time every few years when you need to completely redesign your website. Design trends are always evolving, and if you don’t change the look of your website, you risk looking outdated and irrelevant. That’s not to say that you constantly have to redesign your website every time something changes in the design industry, but a good rule of thumb is to consider a redesign every few years.

      But redesigning your website does have its risks. If you aren’t careful, you could mess things up and create a poorer user experience or lower your conversion rate. 

      To ensure the job gets done right, make sure you consider these important things during your site redesign.

    • 8 Fast Ways to Update Your Website

      If you have a website, you’re never really done working on it. There are always little tweaks you can make to improve the look, usability, and relevance of your website. In short, you want to keep your website fresh and make sure it’s performing as best as it possibly can.

      So, what are some easy ways you can improve your website? Most of these changes you can make on your own, but if you prefer to let the experts do it, a good web design company can easily implement these updates for you.

    • Does Your Web Design Company Really Listen?

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      They always say that you should leave web design and marketing to the professionals. And there is definitely truth to this statement, but that doesn’t mean you should completely remove yourself from the process. Remember, it’s your website. Your marketing campaign. Your company.

      Doesn’t it make sense that you should have a role in determining the look and function of your website? Of course it does. That’s why you need to make sure you’re working with a web design company that actually listens to you. Choose a design firm that asks for your ideas, sends you drafts throughout the design process, and incorporates your feedback into the overall website design.

    • How to Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

      While a lot of site owners get obsessed with traffic, the truth is this metric doesn’t indicate how well a site is performing. If people bounce off your website just seconds after landing on it, what good is that traffic? You want to attract visitors that stay on your website for a good amount of time, because the longer they visit your site, the more they’ll remember you and the likelier it is that they’ll take the action you desire.

      How can you keep people on your site longer? Here are some tips to help you out.

    • 7 Elements Found in Good Landing Pages

      Do your landing pages convert visitors at a good rate? Or do visitors back out almost as soon as they arrive? If you’re unsatisfied with the performance of your landing pages, it’s probably because they’re lacking one or more of the following key elements.

    • 5 Tips for Speeding Up Your Website

      When visitors come to your website, do they have to wait while it loads? If so, you’re probably losing a lot of visitors. The truth is today’s internet users are more impatient than ever before. Some studies show the average visitor only gives your website about 8 seconds before they decide to back out. If your site is loading the whole time, guess what? They’ll back out before they even see your message.
      This means you have to work to make sure your website loads quickly. You need to find ways to speed up load time without sacrificing the look or quality of your site. How can you do it?

      Here are 5 tips for speeding up the load time of your website.

    • 5 Reasons You Should Avoid Template Web Designs

      Whether you’re looking to save a few bucks or you just want to get a website up as quickly as possible, you might be tempted to use a template design for your website. Sure, templates might be cheap or even free, but when you use them, there’s a strong chance you’re killing your web presence right from the beginning. Here are 5 reasons you should avoid template web design.
    • Web Design Mistakes that Lead to High Bounce Rates

      If visitors leave your website almost as soon as they land on it, it’s a strong indication that you’ve made some web design mistakes that are hampering usability and keeping visitors from moving forward. A high bounce rate spells disaster for any online business, costing them customers and quality leads.

      What are some of the biggest web design no-no’s that lead to high bounce rates? Here are some of the most common offenses. Add your own mistakes to this list by leaving a comment.

    • 5 Ways a Good Web Design Company can Help Your Business

      Is your small business thinking about launching a website? Good idea. Are you thinking about throwing together some template website or having your nephew design it for you? Bad idea.

      Just having a website up isn’t enough. Not any old site design will do. Your website is the face of your brand. If it’s average or, worse yet, ugly, you’re making a bad first impression with potential customers. This can cost you business and do serious damage to your brand. That’s why you need to hire a professional Houston web design company to handle your website. Here are just 5 of the benefits you can experience when letting the pros build your website.

    • Is It Time to Redesign Your Site?

      The number one job of a business Web site is to generate leads. But to generate leads, you have to first attract prospects.
      Your site’s content functions like a fishing pole.

      Think of Google and other search engines as the ocean and you’re trying to catch a fish. The more fishing poles you use, the better your chances of catching fish. One pole in the ocean isn’t enough. You need plenty of content to attract prospects.