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  • Is it Time to Redesign Your Company’s Logo?

    One of the questions I get asked most often from prospects and current clients is “Should we redesign our logo?” Logo redesign is often an important part of the branding process, helping to keep a company’s look fresh and relevant. But the truth is, redesigning a logo isn’t always necessary, and it’s not always the most important tactic a company needs to deploy.

    I always tell people that your logo doesn’t necessarily have to change, and it definitely shouldn’t be the first thing you focus on if you’re trying to build your business and get more sales. It all comes down to creating a sound strategy first, then deploying the right tactics later (see my post on Tactics vs. Strategy).
    The truth is that just creating a new identity or slapping a new logo on your marketing materials isn’t going to bring you more business. That’s not to say that the design of your logo isn’t important, because it is. But it shouldn’t necessarily be your top priority.

  • How a Graphic Design Company Can Help Your Brand “Pop!”

    When it comes to marketing for your business, having a basic logo and website isn’t enough. In the age of seemingly unlimited competition, you need to do something to make your company stand out from the pack. Hiring a graphic design company can give you the edge you need. Here’s how they can make your brand “pop!”

    • Unique design—Standing out from the competition means you need to look different. And the right graphic design company can help you do that first and foremost by creating a unique logo. This logo will be the first thing many of your potential customers see, and should set the right tone for your company. With that in mind, make sure your design company specializes in logo design.
  • 5 Traits Your Graphic Design Firm Should Have

    Are you thinking about hiring a graphic design firm to create your marketing and advertising materials? If so, you probably already know that there are dozens of design companies for you to choose from. You also probably know that not all of these design companies are the same. If you choose the wrong design company, you could end up causing damage to your brand and wasting your money.

    So how can you be certain that the logo design and graphic design company you choose is right for your needs? Here are the most important traits to look for in your design company.

  • Signs You Need a New Logo

    The logo is the face of your company. A lot of times, it’s the one thing that people associate most with your brand. It’s the visual cue that they remember. So clearly, it’s important that you get it right. Your logo needs to be memorable, and it needs to capture the identity you’re trying to portray with your brand. It should look updated, and it should be in a style that appeals to your target audience. Of course, times are always changing, and what was a good logo several years ago may not be the right logo for your company today. So, how can you tell if it’s time to let a Houston logo design company give your logo a makeover?
  • 7 Serious Brochure Design Mistakes

    Print brochures are still a powerful marketing tool when used properly. A well-designed brochure can educate potential clients on your offerings and encourage them to take action to become a paying customer.

    The key phrase? Well designed. If you don’t design your brochure correctly, you risk missing out on all the benefits of brochure design. Here are 7 mistakes you need to avoid when making your brochure.

  • 5 Great Logo Design Tips

    Logo Design Tips
    What makes a great logo?

    Simply put, a logo is a name, symbol, or trademark of a company or an organization, but more importantly, a logo defines your business.  Your logo can be made up of text that is configured in a unique way, an illustration with your company’s name on or around the illustration, or a symbol that expresses who your company is that can be easily recognized.  Your logo may also be a combination of all of these features, but its main goal is always to project your company’s intended image.  Remember, a logo is much more than just a graphic; for the small business owner, it may be the greatest source of advertising.  Therefore, the logo must do its job.