5 Tips For Maximizing a Blog Post's Chances Of Going Viral

Although the last thing you want on your computer is a virus, having a blog post go "viral" can be quite beneficial for your business website. Some of the benefits of attracting this type of organic buzz include more potential customers visiting your site, an increased number of RSS and/or email subscribers and attracting more backlinks. Since most of the links will come from real people with quality blogs, they can do a lot for your rankings.

While going viral has a lot of benefits, it can take some work to accomplish. There are two main reasons you can never be 100% certain a post is going to spread like wildfire. The first is that until a post is published, you're not going to know exactly how people are going to react to it. The other is that people only have so much time and attention. As a result, your post will be competing with many others.

Publishing a post that gets shared far and wide isn't an exact science. However, the good news is that there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood that your post turns into a home run. Here are five tips for maximizing a post's chances of hitting it big:

Pique Readers' Curiosity: A large percentage of most people's days follow the same pattern. Since they're used to cruising along on autopilot, anything that stands out as different will grab their attention. You can benefit from this behavior by focusing on something truly interesting or unexpected in your post.

Be Direct: You want to write a post that readers are going to remember for more than a few minutes. One of the keys to making a strong impression is to be direct. Posts that are wishy-washy don't stand out from the crowd. You need to figure out what you want to say and then convey that message as directly as possible in your writing.

Looks Great: If a post is one big block of 450 words, then people are going to have trouble digesting it. By adding formatting elements like subheadings or list items, you can ensure readers don't miss the highlights of your post.

Trigger an Emotion: The top six emotions that make people the most likely to share a piece of writing are awe, anger, positivity, anxiety, surprise and interest. Just be sure to avoid sadness; it all but kills the likelihood of writing being shared.

It's Got to Have a Great Title: If you open any book about copywriting and look at the table of contents, you'll notice that quite a few pages are dedicated to writing headlines. The reason that so much time is spent discussing this subject is because experienced copywriters know that regardless of how good their writing is, not many people are going to read it if the headline doesn't grab their attention. In order to get people to read and ultimately share your post, you first need a title that pulls them in.

What's the most successful post you've ever published?

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