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Consistency is one of the keys to getting the best results from social media. Since social media is all about building relationships, you don't want to leave people hanging for days or even weeks at a time. Instead, you want to keep them engaged with your brand. While the fun nature of social media means that being consistent won't create the type of burden that comes with an activity like dieting, that doesn't mean you'll always be bursting with ideas about what to share.

If you've gotten into a regular social media routine but have suddenly hit a sticking point, the good news is there are quite a few ways to come up with interesting new ideas. To help get your creativity flowing again, here are some ideas that you can use as inspiration for your own social media activities:

Talk About Customers: Obviously, how much you can share will depend on your specific industry. However, even if you're in an industry where privacy is important, that doesn't mean you can't say a single thing about any of your customers. While it's great if your industry is one where openness is an option, if that's not the case, you can still discuss recent positive experiences you've had with customers without revealing any specific details about their identity. You can also take this specific strategy and substitute partners as another option for coming up with social media content.

Make It a Team Effort: It's good if your social media activities have a clear and consistent voice. But just because you want your brand to be consistent doesn't mean that you have to exclude members of your team from engaging through social media. The 37Signals blog is a great example of how to properly execute this strategy. They regularly publish posts from all different members of their team. Because each post is clearly labeled with the author's name, it allows multiple team members to contribute without creating any confusion among readers. In addition to blogging, this strategy can be used everywhere from Facebook to Google Plus.

Ask for Feedback: One of the simplest ways to create engagement is to ask questions. What's great about this option is you don't have to feel pressure to come up with extremely creative questions. While those types of questions can be interesting, there's nothing wrong with asking for something as simple as feedback. The reason this works so well is because everyone likes to give their opinion. For example, if you make changes to a page on your website or its entire design, ask people what they think about it. While it's true that you may receive some criticism, keep in mind that can be a good thing. Since you may discover something you overlooked, this form of social media engagement can be just as beneficial to you as it is to your customers and followers.

What other sources do you turn to for social media inspiration?

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