5 Sure Fire Tactics to Promote a Business Blog

For many businesses, company blogs are like that proverbial tree in the forest -- if a business writes one, and no one is there to read it, does it really matter? Here are some social media marketing tools that will easily help get more eyeballs on your material!

1) LinkedIn

Providing your blog link to the LinkedIn network is a quick and painless way to drive traffic from your profile to your blog. In addition, you can also join groups related to your industry and promote recent blog entries in their forums. LinkedIn groups are a great way to meet industry peers and potential clients, but remember to use them for conversation as well as promotion to avoid coming off as "spammy." Another approach is to spend some time browsing the "Q&A" area. You might see a question that can be answered with a blog post you've already written. Answer the question fully and provide the link for support.

2) Twitter

While not everyone is sold on Twitter's effectiveness in the business landscape, there have been some great examples of how this social media giant can be utilized as a great blog promotion tool. Got a new post that just went live? It takes seconds to create a short tweet with a link back to the post.

Keep in mind that your followers are going to want a little more from you than just blog updates. When a potential follower looks at your status updates as a whole, it's beneficial that he or she sees a mixture of feed activity. In addition to blog promotion, include replies back to your followers and news articles related to your niche. Thank a follower via a re-tweet for his or her re-tweet of your blog link, and you've effectively promoted that link again in your status update.

3) Blog Comments

Just read a great blog entry by someone in your field? Let 'em know! Leaving blog comments are one of the easiest ways to drive people to your business blog by including a hyperlink in your signature. This will not only drive traffic, but give you a little "link juice" with the search engines. Still, don't get too crazy. Remember to write a thoughtful statement that indicates you've read what the blogger had to say, and don't directly "sell" your own blog in the comment. The idea is to attract a like-minded audience from that blog to yours - so try to limit those comments to entries appropriate for your niche. I'll go into more detail about why in a future blog entry.

4) Industry-Specific Social Networks

Does your industry have a social network where your peers connect? If so, it can be a hotbed of opportunity for blog promotion. Having an active presence on such networks can put your name in front of many like-minded people who are actively seeking opinions and ideas as they relate to your business.

Again, a good rule of thumb is to truly use this network as just that — a network — and not as another place to absent-mindedly stick your blog link. Like most of the social media efforts I've mentioned here, you need to find a balance between driving traffic to your blog and actively working the network to show your credibility and expertise on a given subject.

5) Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

It's not a bad idea to brush up on website SEO basics when it comes to blog promotion. Do your posts contain the important keywords for your search efforts? How about your headings? Are your links tagged with your keywords so they can be crawled easily? Keep these in mind, but write the text without losing the overall effectiveness of your copy.

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